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Worksop, Nottingham, England

Updated 9.30.2012

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    A very old family operation for most of it's existence, Carlton was the domain of the O'Donovan family until its purchase in 1961 by Raleigh Industries. Even then, Gerald O'Donovan became well known as the guiding innovator at Worksop and later, Ilkston, where more exotic Carlton and Raleigh bicycles were made. Ilkston finally was closed in the mid 1980s.

1939 Carlton Catalog...showing lugs & bike weights, Carlton "Continental"

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Scroll Flyer track frame circa 1940s?


November 15, 1961 Cycling:
Harry Keating describes a visit to the Carlton works and introduces a series on new machines for 1962 by reviewing the Sun range now in production at Worksop."
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Bob Gordon's "International" & an International lug set before being brazed up...

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Advert and drawings from from Earl Court show

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Nels Miller's International


Carlton model Franco-Suisse frame set

1961 catalog, 1962 Catalog cover

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Wayne Deoreo's pristine 1960s Carlton

Carlos Ovalle's 1960s Carlton Flyer

1960s era down tube decal, 1972 advertisement, 1974 "Lagoon Blue" cyclocross.

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USA's Huffy imported Carlton bicycles into the States in the mid 1960s
(About that same period they also imported Moulton bikes as well.)

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