CR Forum Guidelines

Classic Rendezvous Forum Guidelines

This community has existed for over 20 years and hopefully will for many more years. It is home to thousands of members from all corners of the globe. We accept anyone with an interest in vintage bikes and a desire to discuss and learn— nothing else really matters.

Members must subscribe to the basic tenets of conversational civility, and that is best maintained if we stay focused on the bikes we love. Comments or posts which include sexualized images of anyone of any type, politics, off-color humor, sexual innuendo, race, gender, religion or just in poor taste have no place here. 
Please treat fellow members with the respect and affinity they deserve. Members who cannot abide by these simple tenets will be removed or moderated at the discretion of the moderator.

1. Sign off all messages with your first and last name, city, state. Calling out country is also requested if not obvious.

2. Framesets – Our focus is bicycles that are made before and including 1987, and includes so called Keepers of the Flame, including road racing, randonneur, touring, path racer or track/single speed. Keeper of the Flame (KOF) refers to neoclassical bikes made by custom builders before and after 1987 which are made out of lightweight steel. Lugged or fillet brazed. Aluminum and titanium bikes can be discussed if they are strictly within the date and type rules. Klein, Cannondale (first year), Hi-E, Shook and MIT frames and Barra are examples of this allowed category as are in-period 1900-1987 glue-joined frame bikes. Off Topic are all carbon framed, “modern” TIG/MIG welded, injection molded, or mountain bikes, “middle weights”, BMX, recumbents, and cruiser, any bicycle with balloon type tires.

3. Components – Our focus is early 1900 – 1987, but any components that use friction shifting or index downtube and bar shifting for gear changing are permitted. Brake lever shifting is off-topic.

4. “For SALE” postings should agree with #1, #2 and #3 above and be posted in the For Sale Vintage Bikes area.
As a courtesy to our members, it is requested that members avoid posting very similar items for sale within the same 7 day period of the original offer for sale.
– Plan your sale ad posting carefully and include everything as it is because it is preferred that you only post once. If you wish to create a fresh thread for your listing, please private message the forum moderator so that the ad can be reviewed and possibly allowed to re-list it. No promises.
– Items should be accurately described with an “up-front” price, and high quality and comprehensive pictures should be attached or linked to.
– The description, especially measured size, and price must be in your For Sale CR post itself (not another location like Craig’s list)
– Pictures must be available at some non-disappearing location, either attached or on Google pics/Flickr, etc.

NOTE: If you post a sale without meeting the basics above the seller will get a heads-up to correct, if that does not work, the post will be removed.

– All commercial sellers must give CR List members a 10% discount if the seller asks for the membership’s advice on the item being sold. Its only right.

4. “Want to TRADE” items are very much like For Sale items, in that, failing a trade offer, they are very likely for sale. To avoid the appearance of trolling under the guise of seeking a trade, trade items have the same requirements of For Sale items, i.e., an up front price and pictures.

5. Do NOT use the CR group to establish “value”. “What is my/your/this item worth?” is an inappropriate topic. One may want to search online auctions such as eBay.

6. Please make every post substantive in which every message contributes to the communal knowledge base. Five messages maximum per day/per member, please be mindful of others viewing you as a know it all with nothing better to do.

7. Please do not send “Attaboy,” “Me too”, or jokes. These posts waste bandwidth and jokes are too often misunderstood and create strife.

8. Commercial messages are OK IF they are specifically On Topic and are not repetitive.


Copyright Declaration
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