Rarest of Rare

Updated 8.26.2011

Special Gracia to Signore A. Ross

Legendary PMP cranks go bi-centric Polchlopek

Campagnolo's "Wing Nuzzio." (Artist's rendition, no surviving examples known. )

The extremely obscure Universal "Double side pull," Mod. 685.

Exceedingly rare Colnago 10-spider arm crank set. Maybe not Campagnolo?

The controversial PMP cranks in their final iteration.

Polish team freewheel and "secret weapon" headset.

Campagnolo's rare rear derailleur, model "Record-Record"

The elusive "Egarim" bicycle which stored reserve energy in the frame tubes to be released as needed on the up hills.

"..The last 'real' Masi ever produced?"

Coppi on a 20" wheel bike!

Super rare! The unique Campag Hi -Lo FRONT hub!

Does anyone remember these circa (maybe?) 1970s rims?

Rare Pre-CPSC Campagnolo reflecto

Can you supply “photos” or “scholarly drawings” of other equally amazing components? Help us resolve those mysteries that have been whispered about in cycling bistros for decades!

Have you seen these?

From the 1940s...?

The hard-to-find wood rims with aluminum filling… made in Belgium, Germany or Italy?

From the 1970s...?

The actual Windsor (not Colnago) bike that was ridden by Eddy to the Hour Record


Other rarities
or obscurities?

Send only plausible and scholarly data (as seen in the examples on this page) to:
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