Rediscover & learn about your favorite lightweight  bicycle, from the days when handcraft and  individualism was the hallmark of the "good stuff."

    "...web site has been of great value to me. It's a thrill when I stumble across a bike part that I don't know anything about and then find a picture and info about it on Classic Rendezvous"              BR
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 Dedicated to Lightweight Vintage Bicycles, circa 1900~1983.
This not-for-profit site is to encourage those interested in enjoying and preserving vintage lightweight "racing" style bicycles, from the early 20th century until 1983. These primarily have steel frames, most often lug built, and not welded, injection molded, nor glued. We are devoted to road and pista machines, not mountain bikes, BMX, recumbent, middle weights nor balloon-tired bikes. Those bikes have merit, but are not "On Topic" for the Classic Rendezvous.
    Our goals are:
1.) identification of makers.
2.) publishing images of original bicycles & their components.
3.) providing key information about the makers & their history.
4.) listing resources.
5.) promote camaraderie & communication among enthusiasts. 

     Contributions or corrections are gratefully accepted
HERE. Please send along any information or images you might have. Site updates are constantly being made; notice the small date in each section.

From the 1949 film "A Boy, A Girl and A Bike"

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