"The Manic Master" San Marcos, California

David Tesch passed away on
December 14, 2003, at age 44.

Updated 3.23.2019

In the mid 1970s, David Tesch began his career with start up Trek Bicycle Company in Wisconsin. He went on to work with Masi in San Marcos, CA. By the early 1980s, he had developed his own identity as a frame builder.
Dave’s reputation was that of making bikes that were no-holds-barred racing machines with virtual track bike geometry. Owners state that Tesch bikes are a blast to ride!
As happens so often in the handmade bicycle craft, business difficulties pushed him out of the craft in the 1990s. Toward the end, another person became owner of the Tesch name and produced frames, but only for a short period of time. David went into the automobile world for his livelihood, but had expressed an interest in returning to frame building just before his untimely death…

Early model 100 with no serial number, Paint by Brian Baylis.

Owned by Tom Jordan

Bicycle Guide magazine "Hot Tubes" feature showing Tesch bicycle, May 1985

Bicycle Guide magazine article from Sept-Oct issue, 1987

Model 101 bike w/first edition Campagnolo "C Record"

owned by Larry Black, Mt. Airy Cycles, MD

Model 101 in "Ferrari fly yellow" as frame and as built up bike

Owned by Ricki Garni

Model 101

Owned by Joe Bender-Zanoni

Tesch pursuit frame

Owned by Steve Willard

The Tesch S-22, the last model introduced. Featuring filet brazed over sized tubing

Pictures from Bicycle Guide