Masi USA


Updated 12.16.2010

A high quality bicycle production was operated in Carlsbad, California under the supervision of the maestro “tailor” of champions, Faliero Masi. Italian production continued under his son, Alberto. The USA company in turn fostered many fine USA builders and artisans. Mario Confente (now deceased), Brian Baylis, Jim Cunningham, Mike Howard, Gian Simonetti, Joe Starck and David Tesch are part of the heritage of Masi USA.
The ownership and manufacture of the Masi cycles has changed over the years and a new line of contemporary bicycles is currently being manufactured “off shore.” (see link below). The early Masi bicycles made in the start-up era have developed a strong following amongst vintage buffs.

Carlsbad made bike, serial # MC 55 0157

Pics from 1977 catalog

Early Masi USA brochure

Scott Ramsay's early 1980s bike

Tom Sander's 3V built by Joe Starck

Classic Rendezvous MASI Italy