Redwood City, California

updated 1.16.2022

Sadly we lost Peter in January of 2022.
Peter Johnson was a true Renaissance man. He was a top racer in the 1970s, he made bicycles and frames for himself and others. He also was a highly skilled & in-demand machinist today with a wide variety of projects, but he retaineds a love for bicycling.

1970s photo from 1980 Wheelman magazine

1970s track bike

Pictures taken outside Peter's workshop by web master

Road bike with extensive component "Drillium" on Chuck Schmidt's Velo-Retro site.

A large sized road bike as displayed at Velo Rendezvous in Pasadena.

Un-painted bottom bracket shell showing his craftsmanship

Guy Apple's bike

displayed at the Cirque du Cyclisme in 2005. Studio shots by Ken Toda.

Tran Tran's strikingly beautiful frame set

Photos by Chris Wimpey