Speedwell Titanium

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Speedwell was founded in 1897 as a sheet metal fabricator, becoming adept at all sorts of metal work for many industries including automotive & aircraft. They were one of the earliest successful fabricators of Titanium motorcycle and bicycle frames and made a beautiful, if not commercially successful, product. Made of commercially pure titanium, Speedwell frames were extensively hand worked, with filed & smoothed joints throughout. The fork was made of Titanium as well. The frame, fork and steering bearings was alleged to weigh in at 4 lb. 1 oz., but other reports say that is an exaggeration. In any case, it was very light in it’s day.

Front & back cover of 1973 Tour de France by David Saunders published by the Kennedy Bros

Owner uses his bike often: "I like the comfort and shock absorbing qualities of the frame, very uncommon (in) other bikes"