Southern Cross

Moved to Australia (Adelaide) in 1977 and returned to England in the 1990s Stan passed away in 1997 at age 80.


“Stan worked (after war service and a spell in a Far East POW camp) at Viking and was the man who made the top end frames – Severn Valley. He went to Australia several times but I suspect always came back because of his wife was homesick. He set up in Madeley, Shropshire, in not much more than a big garage. He mainly made frames for the trade e.g for Hugh Porter.

He had also worked for Reg Harris, setting up in his factory in Macclesfield and at Dawes. A very nice man indeed and a real craftsman.” John Purser

John Purser

“Made loads of tandems when new ones were hard to get built here in the UK, Jack Taylor was the only other builder where you could get one made easily.”
“Stan’s tandem frames were normally lugless and the twin lateral type aka Paris Rensch French style. They are renowned for their ride quality.”

Mick Butler

Pictures courtesy Bob Freeman, Elliott Bay Cycles