Roy Thame

Updated 4.20.2022

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Roy Thame was the driving force behind the iconic British Holdsworth Professional team from 1962 through to it’s disbandment in 1978. Roy had been very good TT rider in the 1950s and was Hemel Hempstead Cycling Club champion in 1952. After his naval service in 1953 he joined Holdsworth and worked there for 50 years. Thame served on British Cycling Federation committees and acted as commissaire/chief referee, for domestic multi-day races such as the Tour of the West. In 1976 the Holdsworth shops at Putney, Penge and Welling started selling frames bearing the Roy Thame name. Apparently many of the custom made frames where built by master frame builder Reg Collard at the Putney shop.

Roy Thame passed away on Dec 28, 2006
Memorial service notice HERE

Roy Thame at Holdsworth

Roy Thame as manager of Holdsworth Team

Michael Levy's Roy Thame

Roy Thame bike as seen on eBay