Bates (Horace)

Horace Bates Bicycles are famous for their Reynolds made, proprietary “Cantiflex” tubing, which bulges outward in the center of the tube, and the “Diadrant” double raked forks, with a reverse curve.

An advertisement in 1936 Cycling magazine describing the characteristics of tubing.

Ace rider Stan Butler

1937 Bates

(More to come as the Webmaster works to restore his 1938 B.A.R. !)

Bates featured in Cycling Plus Magazine article by Paul Vincent

Bates bike with Cantiflex tubing and Diadrant forks

Photos courtesy Peter Paine

The new Bates bikes

Bates are being made today with the famous Cantiflex tubing and Diadrant forks.. Supplies are dwindling but frames are still being built.

The NEW Bates "Volante" with hand cut lugs, round fork blades and all the traditional details.

Ray Etherton's Bates B.A.R.

Raoul Delmare's new Bates