A Brief Hetchins History

A Great Tradition

– Hyman (Harry) Hetchin started his bike shop in the 1920’s.

– Jack Denny, master builder, joined in 1934.

– Hyman applied for patent for curly stays on Nov. 20, 1934.

– Production started in 1935.

– Hetchins frames were sold through a network of dealers and a large number of frame builder’s were employed to meet demand.

– Production began to decline from about 1953 as cars became more popular.

– Hyman Hetchin died Oct. 19,1961 and the business was taken over by his son Alf.

– Following the “compulsory purchase” (condemned by government to build a highway) of the Tottenham shop, Alf moved the business to Southend-on-Sea in 1974.

– Alf sold the business in 1985 and for a while both he and Jack continued supervise frame building at Bob Jackson’s in Leeds.

– Jack Denny died on August 4, 1991.

– Alf Hetchin died in 1996.

– The Hetchins Company is managed by David Miller in Preston, Lancashire