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3Rensho has had great success, both domestically in Japan and Internationally. Beginning as Cyclone Cycles, then 3 Rensho (3 victories) it now has been absorbed by former shop foreman Masahiko Makino.

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Mr. Yoshi Konno, (Yoshi Miyakawa) one time master builder of 3Rensho, younger brother of Mr. Hitoshi Konno of CHERUBIM.

This picture was taken in New York City's Central Park by the late Stuart Meyers, American Bicyclist Magazine.

Information on the Yellow Jersey site

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Re: Serial numbers: No sequencing can be discerned to aid in dating, but a capital “A” was a designation of Yellow Jersey Bikes in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, while a capital “C” was a Japanese model for domestic consumption.

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Radical pursuit bike of the 1970s.

1978 3RENSHO 'Track Modulo'

Top of the line frame at the time, as verified by Yamaguchi-san to have been built by his hand in the first year of 3RENSHO’s existence (then known as “Cherubim Cycles” after his brother’s also-famed Cherubim shop.) This frame features Ishiwata 019 tubing, chromed Shimano ends, Tange lugs, Cinelli fastback seat stays and fork crown, and a Nikko bottom bracket.”

Sasha Eysymontt

Early 1980s catalog courtesy of David Simmons

Roman Stankus' custom Katana

Nelson Vails, Olympic medalist, on a San Rensho.

Frame above built up by Art Spivack:

Art's Keiren 3Rensho: