Dating from 1902 until 1952, then from 1969 to the present. The Wilier Triestina name is based upon Italian nationalism. Wilier is derived from “W”, which in turn is used as a as shorthand for “Viva”, as in “W il Giro.” For instance, “W l’Italia liberate e redenta” translates as “Long live Italy, liberated and redeemed.”

Triestina is a tribute to the city of Trieste.

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Updated 10.3.2014

1940s(?) WILIER

Frame is copper plated, which became the traditional color
scheme for the Wilier professional team bikes after World War 2.

Wilier Pista

Pictures courtesy eBay seller cacarpeni

Late 1970s~early 1980s Wilier

as seen being ridden in 2007 L’Eroica in Gaiole Italy