Pogliaghi Registry

Pogliaghi Registry

Bicycle Frame serial numbers
to establish approximate manufacture date.

Estimated serial number dating…
(Note: early production was low, 300-500 frames a year until the early 1970s, according to *The Custom Bicycle*)
1950-1960: #1 through #2500 (+/- 500)
1960-1970: #2500 through #8000 (+/- 1000)
1970-1983: #8000 through #14000 (+/- 1000)

(There is conflicting evidence over the quantity of production in the mid/late 70s.
Some data suggests about 800 frames a year at that time. Other data suggests many
fewer frames per year. We need more confirmed data to know exactly when the frames
9000-14000 were made. Was it 1970-1978? Or was it 1974-1982 or so? At this point the data conflicts.)

Placed in ascending serial number order.

Updated 10.16.2022

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