Pela G

Pela' Giuseppe

Via Scarlati 48, Torino, Italia

An unsung yet highly important Italian frame builder to: Merckx, Anquetil , Van Looy…”Everybody”

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Updated 9.24.2015

Pela' Giuseppe

“Pela’ did not want anyone to know what he built. At one race, Pela and Giuseppe Scapola saw Jacques Anquetil, they said hello to him and Pela’ told Giuseppe afterwards that Anquetil’s bike had a bottom bracket height 2 cm. higher then normal; so as to pedal through the turns. Asked how he knew, Pela’ laughed and said he knew because he built the frame!”
“Pela’ left frame building in the early 1970s to care for his ill wife. He died only a few years ago. One of his son’s still was still living at the old address, however he also died recently of a heart attack. All the frame building equipment had been dispersed years ago, possibly to Tomassini, who has readily acknowledged his influence.”
“Pela’ never wanted his own name on any frame, probably to not interfere or conflict with the business interests of the teams and riders he built for.”

Giuseppe Scapola, 2011 via John Pergolizzi

Guiseppe Pela, Paratella and Angelo Picchio

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