Pagani, Marco

Meccanico Cicli Corsa

Viale Giovanni Pascoli, Rimini, Italy

+39 0541 384730

Updated 1.21.2011

“Pagani …based in Rimini…the shop was packed with the latest trick parts and incredible frames. They sponsored racing teams and organized rides. Like so many American shops, these mom-and-pop stores are dying out in the home land. Pagani is simply one example of the hundreds of unique shops that dotted the Italian landscape. There is still a small, more modern, store in a new location in the city. The original shop was “the” most popular shop in an area simply perfect for cycling. “

Mark Koepke

PAGANI: part Galli, part Campagnolo show bike featuring much "Drillium" (see cranks, brake levers, etc)

Road bike featuring Campagnolo C-Record.