Gipiemme was founded in Milan in 1964 as a high quality machine shop. Their name is the initials ‘GPM’ pronounced as a word. It has been said that GPM stands for “Gran Premio della Montagna”, the high points on mountain stages of the Giro d’Italia.

GPM initially operated as the sub contractors for larger well known firms, including Campagnolo. The company started working with Campagnolo in the 1970s and moved to the Vicenza area in 1974.

GPM also was associated with Technociclo, a firm who made many parts for frame construction, ala lugs, bottom bracket shells, etc. They are said to have separated in the 1970s.

Eventually, by the 1980s, Gipiemme developed their own self branded entire bicycle components group set, including cranks, various bearings, hubs, brakes and re-branded derailleurs from other makers (Simplex).

The company was acquired in 1989 by Isca Selle, Via Balbi, 13 – 31037 Loria (Treviso) Italy and continues today, producing rims & wheels. They also are now associated with the once-famous NISI brand.
The top model in the components line was the “Crono Special” and then the “Special“, with various “Sprint” models a notch lower.

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Updated 5.29.2018

Gipiemme Groupset production 1985

Special Pista (track) group

Photos courtesy Mark Buswell

Gipiemme Crono Special brake set

Special quick release hubs

Gipiemme freewheel

Crono Special pedal set

Gipiemme tool kit

Courtesy Ochsner International

Gipiemme Crono Special crank set

Model Sprint seat post.

Mod. "Sprint" group, circa early 1980s.

Pictures courtesy Tommy Adams

GIPIEMME derailleurs

(made by Simplex…)

Unusual "Colrout'" crankset

Model "Exploit" derailleur

Gipiemme catalog pages circa 1982

SRC Group catalog circa 1983 with Gipiemme descriptions (pdf file)