Updated 11.13.2011

Founded in the 1930s, Giovanni Galli and Co. claimed to have produced the world’s first alloy caliper brakes. Dr. Giovanni Savio, Galli’s nephew was the company director from the 1970s.

    By the late 1970s, GALLI presented a branded groupo, having successfully partnered with Maillard and Stronglight of France to supply certain components. The brakes, crank sets and derailleurs were redesigned and produced by GALLI in Turin. The line included derailleurs, crank sets, rims, brakes and hubs.  

  Palmares include Tour de France veteran Herman Van Spingel, winning of Europe’s oldest and longest classic, Bourdeaux-Paris with GALLI equipment in 1981.

  In the USA, Lon Haldeman and Sue Notorangelo used GALLI equipped bikes on their record-breaking transcontinental tandem ride, and the 1983 Race Across American (RAAM)

This company’s products disappeared from the marketplace in the early 1990s.

Front derailleur

Front & rear derailleurs in box

Galli rear derailleur:
The version on the far right is a dark blue-black.

Gold anodized brakes in box