Gabriele Chesini

“This powerhouse Italian marque was prominent in all aspects of cycling in the pr-WW2 era. Formerly at Viale Abruzzi, 42 in Milano. Gloria was founded in 1922 by Alfredo Focesi in Milan. Already in the 1920’s Gloria bikes were coming with the brand-typical lily lug adornments. It was quite common for the bikes to have lilies budding off of the fork crown onto each fork blade; from the head lugs onto the head, top and down tubes; from the seat lug onto the seat and top tubes; and from the BB shell onto the down and seat tubes, as well as the seat stays. The brand shield shows a stylized AMF at the top of the shield, with a scroll across the center saying Gloria and then Milano with a little daisy-like flower at the bottom. The bikes were highly regarded, and it was at Gloria that Ernesto Colnago first apprenticed.”

“The brand itself first gained fame among racers when Liberio Ferrario became the very first Italian amateur road world champion. He rode a Gloria. This was in 1923 (one year after Focesi had started production!)”

Steven Maasland

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Updated 6.12.2017

1923 Gloria Libero Ferrario

photo by Tim Maloney, Cyclingnews

1940s Gloria bicycle

City bike as seen at auction on eBayS

1974 road bike

(pictures courtesy eBay seller “legendaryman”)