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Mario Camilotto was born in Salgareda in the province of Treviso . As a youth he was a frequent visitor to Ciclo Piave, which is about 10 miles away from where he was born. He moved to Milan to play soccer there for the Milan farm team in Palazzolo and worked for the company of Gianni Nardi (the President of the Milan soccer team). He stayed with Nardi until 1978, when he moves to work for the Swiss arms company Oerlikon.

From 1978 until 1983 he became a part time apprentice (nights & weekends) with Sante Pogliaghi. Eventually he built tandems and track stayer frames.

In 1983, when Sante stopped, Camilotto opened his own shop (this was the first time that he was truly working full-time as a frame builder. For 5 years he worked on his own and built about 400 frames that bore his name.

In 1988 (a decade after Cino Cinelli had retired) Mario accepted a generous offer to sell everything to Cinelli and start working for Cinelli. (This was a few years after Valsassina had retired as head builder at Cinelli). Camilotto stayed there for 3 years until he left in 1991. He then worked on the development of carbon frames for FIC until his retirement.

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