Heinz Günter Sattler

frame builder and founder of the Technobull bike brand. Sattler also built steel frames for Storck as early as 1977.

“Sattler was one of the first ever European custom MTB-frame builders. Fans of his Technobull bikes – amongst them German lightweight guru Hans-Christian Smolik – rave about Sattler’s precision manufactured steel creations. Besides MTB frames, he also produced forks and frames for road, touring and tandem bikes. He even fabricated his own headsets and hubs. Being an active part of the motocross and trial motor bike scene around Frankfurt/Main in his earlier days, he had also worked on motocross frames and suspension. His impressive quality standards may be seen as a result of his former work as a constructor in the automotive industry. Tragically, MTB pioneer Heinz Günter Sattler died from cancer in 1998 aged 59.”

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Very innovative use of disc brakes on a late 1970s Technobull

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Owned by Carsten Rehbein.

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