Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 11, 76437 Rastatt, Germany +49 7222 30059
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2 Olympic medals &17 world titles were won on Pyttel frames!

“Christian Pyttel was one of the key figures in the former DDRs (east german republic) cycling scene, he was the frame builder for legends like Hübner, Ampler or Ludwig, manufactured many special parts for top racers and, after the iron curtain came down, prototypes for renowned Italian component makers whose names start with “C” :D.” “His shop is a live museum of ultra rare parts and bikes (FES and Textima, for example), and the man himself is full of amazing stories. He does frame building classes, too. If you’re lucky, you might even meet Olaf Ludwig himself who lives nearby and often drops in.” Martin Appel on the Classic Rendezvous Google group

Pictures of Pyttel shop

Courtesy Marten Appel
Carsten Rehbein’s Textima-Diamant tt bike, built for the East German team. The rims are made of magnesium, the spoke nipples are inside the rim. All spokes are hand polished aerospokes and not chromed to save weight.

Christian Pyttel's patent for his aerodynamic Textima Brake.