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Updated 10.12.2013

Roger Riviere bicycles:

…were made by Gitane, Rogers last major sponsor during his cycling career. Roger Riviere had an unfortunate accident during the Giro where he rode off the roadway and down an embankment suffering severe injuries to his back causing paralysis. The Riviere line of bikes had bicycles extending from low end to some high end models which were showcased at the bike shows in the 70s. The high end models featured chrome lugs. Other bicycles were bike boom bicycles mostly with foil seat tube stickers and handmade in France stickers. Most of these bicycles featured chrome tipped forks and chrome fork crown. The 70s era bike boom Riviere’s used cottered Aduprat crank sets, Simplex components, 27 inch wheel sets, and CLB brakes. The Roger Riviere bicycles disappeared around the late 70s.

Roger Riviere was the first rider to break the 5 minute mark for the pursuit when he won the world championship in 1958. He wore a clear plastic shower cap over his hairnet helmet, and his shoes had no laces for aerodynamics.

An excellent time trialist, to the same level as the great Jacques Anquetil, Riviere was ideally placed to win the 1960 Tour de France. Gastone Nencini was in the leader’s yellow jersey but was weak against the clock. On 10th July Riviere crashed into a ravine, sustained major back injuries and never regained full use of his limbs. The extent of his potential can be gauged be the fact that that Riviere defeated two World Hour Record holders, Jacques Anquetil and Ercole Baldini, in the time trails of the 1959 Tour de France.

Major Placings and Awards Professional: Road 1957-60

  • 1959: 1st Mont Faron, 1st GP Alger (+ Gerard Saint & Raphael Geminiani), 2nd Grand Prix des Nations, 3rd Criterium Dauphine, 4th Tour de France + 2 stages, 6th Vuelta a Espana + 3 stages
  • 1960: 1st GP Alger (+ Rudi Altig), 3 stage wins Tour de France but on 14th stage, crashed descending from Col de Perjuret (Route D996 – Meyruels en Florac) Professional: Track
  • 1957: 1st World Pursuit Championship, World Hour Record, World 10km Record, World 20km Record
  • 1958: 1st World Pursuit Championship, World Hour Record, World 10km Record, World 20km Record
  • 1959: 1st World Pursuit Championship, World Indoor Hour Record

Award • 1957: Trophy Edmond Gentil

Walter Skrzypek

A Roger Riviere mixte as seen on the street in Paris

1970s mixte

Pictures courtesy Ray Barron