31 rue Croix-Jordan and later 61 avenue Berthelot, Lyon, France

Updated 9.29.2022

In the Vintage Bicycle Blog, a Reyhand tandem circa 1936 is refurbished and discussed HERE

From The Vintage Bicycle Blog:

André Reiss started constructing bicycles in 1934, and won the Concours de Machines three years in a row from 1935 to 1937. Further successes came in the Critérium des Alpes, and Critérium Cyclotouristique de “L’Auto”. Of course that was a great advert for him and they became the most highly desirable touring machine of the period. Sadly, Reiss was killed in action in the War, in 1940.

After his death the marque continued for a number of years under Etienne Bernadet (who also rode for Reyhand) and Louis Villemus, who was responsible for the birth of the Lewis brand of components. “

An excellent Reyhand overview in web pages dedicated to bicycle makers in Lyon HERE

An original city bike

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