Lucien Juy (1899- 1976) Dijon, France. Began making his first derailleurs in 1928

Updated 11.7.2019

Mssrs. Pellisier & Lucien Guy

Simplex played an important role in the bicycle derailleur’s development over many variations and models. In 1961, they developed the Prestige-Simplex in the miracle Delrin plastic:

“Elegant in appearance…….. It is robust, indestructible in use and absolutely unaffected by weather, and has the natural suppleness of plastic materials. In use it is silent and smooth. It is light, weighing only 9 1/2 oz. complete with control lever.”

Andre Rabault, Cycling Magazine.

“The company went into receivership in  1988 and its various corporate divisions were sold off piecemeal to the likes of MAVIC and the Stratec group, the latter of which did continue selective use of the Simplex name until 1995”

Robert Broderick

Mod. "Rigidex"

"Tour de France" model.

Record 60 rear

Advertisement illustration for early mod. "Prestige"

JUY 61 rear derailleur

"Delrin" 1978 ensemble

LJ rear derailleur


Front derailleur

LJ front der.

Front der. model 102

Shift levers

LJ downtube shift levers


Seat post

Quick release skewers

Water bottle cage

(photo courtesy Hilary Stone)