The first aero wheels?

Developed in the late 1970s, these featured top quality sealed hubs by Maillard,  special stainless steel aero ‘T’ headed straight pulls spokes and extruded aluminum rims. Although not “aero” to the degree later rims would become, these were surely the precursor to an entire shift towards aerodynamics in bicycles. 

Hub flanges were available in high polish, black or grey anodized. The hub centers were uniformly high polished. Both road and track were available.

William Lewis Imports of Texas was the importer for the USA for this line. More recently Specialized Bicycle Components have acquired this brand and produce a different design. .

Updated 9.18.2016

Here is an instruction sheet produced by that company.

Hub view

Courtesy “gégé” in

Sealed bearing hubs, unique spokes, deep dish rims

all in one package, years ahead of all the others.

ROVAL wheel set with black hub flanges

courtesy eBay seller Vintage NOS Bicycle Parts

ROVAL NOS track wheels