Updated 12.30.2000

From a 1984 press release:

“MAVIC has been devoted to making fine bicycles since1890. The company’s devotion has been nurtured by a spirit of innovation. The name MAVIC means a century of high level technical creations.”

“1926: MAVIC creates the first aluminium wheel rim. Since that time, the company has never ceased to improve this product.

1927: the introduction of double perforation (rim), first of a long line of technical improvements. Meanwhile, the MAVIC name is inseparable from bicycle racing.

1930: MAVIC’s duraluminium wheel rims made their first appearance in the Tour de France.

1964: Bruno Gormand took his fathers place at the head of the company, marking the beginning of a new era for MAVIC. Thanks to the dynamism of its new leader, the company embarked on a period of spectacular development.

1967: The new factory in St. Trivier sur Moignes began operation. This new industrial tool, in combination with intense research efforts, brought about further technical progress,

1973: The first Service des Courses “Bleue SSC” rim was perfected.

1975: Racers were using the Paris Roubaix grey rim, the first hard layer anodized rim.

1975: The first narrow tire rim: the Module E.

From this time onwards, the life of the company would be closely tied up with bicycle racing. With the advice of the “leaders of the pack”, MAVIC was able to develop other products in addition to rims. Developed in close collaboration with the most particular users, all MAVIC parts are, like their rims, designed and manufactured for racing.

1978: Creation of the first MAVIC derailleur.

1979: Creation of the spokeless wheel and the all new steering system.

1981: in order to keep up with the growth of demand, the company expanded its 3,000 ml rim factory to 6,700 ml.

1984: In addition to its efforts in the area of racing bikes, MAVIC equipped 9 professional teams in with its All MAVIC group… the company is constantly developing new high technology products.”

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