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The brakes that won many Tours and were considered the premier “stopper” until Campagnolo came along!

Updated 11.7.2019

Comments about MAFAC evolution

“…the 1st generation Mafac (brakes) were marked  ‘Dural Forge’ and not ‘Racer’… the 1st generation Mafacs had the oil holes and if you look closely they have a squarer profile that the later ones  and the brake levers were the open back type with the dots between the lettering.”

“The second gen Dural Forge didn’t have the oil holes and adopted the rounder profile, but like the 1st gen had the brass bushes. The brake levers had a closed back with the dots between the lettering and also are quite slender in their section.”

“I’m not sure when the ‘Racer’ stamping appeared but I also assumed it was in the early 70s…the later brake levers have a thicker section and omit the dots…..of course there was the levers with the white plastic body…”

Kevin Sayles in the Classic Rendezvous Google group

“…the early Racers with the oil hole were made only for a year or two after (this model) brakes were introduced in 1952. …. The square profile of the arms lasted a little longer.”

“The “RACER” markings came in the 1970s, when Mafac began offering the similar “2000” model that was better finished. The plastic bushings appeared around the same time.”

“The first Mafac levers had open backs. The dots between the M.A.F.A.C. disappeared before the 1970s.”

Jan Heine in the Classic Rendezvous Google group

Model Top 63

Early Mafac Cantilevers: Mod. Driver

Early Mafac Cantilevers: Mod. Driver

Mafac "Dural Forge" brakes

The model Tiger!

Mod Competition

The very famous and popular Mafac "Racer."

Mafac LS side pull

New in box, less fancy brake set, model unknown.