“Cazenave was a brand from Belin, a small village in the Landes of Gascony near Bordeaux. Cazenave is a common family name in the southwest of France which means “maison neuve” (new house) in occitan.”

“The company was founded in 1901 by Louis Cazenave and was closed in 1975. Louis Cazenave wrote his memories published in the book untitled “Ma vie” (My life) in 1954.”

“In the Belin factory were built bicycles sold under the Cazenave name but also for other brands such as Alcyon, and apart bicycles, moped (with the Paloma brand), motorcycles and many other items like pots, trailers and rolling stock”

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Updated 5.15.2020

Cazenave city bike circa 1950s~60s?

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