Manufacturer of bicycles and motorcycles from 1902 ~ 1963. Sponsored a professional bicycle racing team from 1910 to 1952. Famous members included Henri Pellisier (France), Ottavio Bottecchia (Italy) and Lucien Buysse (Belgium).

Peugeot purchased Automoto in 1959 and continued to use the name on bikes they produced themselves until 1963.

“A popular Marque in the 1920’s-40’s/50’s…
They sponsored a team with Hutchinson that had included Bottecchia, the Pelisser Brothers, Gordini and Benoit. Automoto was the winning ride in the 1923, 1924 and 1925 Tours de France; Henri Pelisser in ’23 and Ottavio Bottecchia in ’24 & ’25.”

Matthew Gorski

“The AutoMoto St Etienne factory was immense and housed all the various workshops to enable them to manufacture many of their own parts; hubs, chain sets, brake sets, etc.”

Norris Lockley

Anita Page in AutoMoto poster c 1920s.

Catalog cover

Automoto racer hanging in American Cyclery in San Francisco

Jay Van de Velde's 1927 Automoto"Tour de France"

Martin Appel's 1930s(?) Automoto

photos by Eric Smith

Joey Lande's Automoto randonneur bike

An interesting "baby" Automoto, circa 1960s?