12 Rue de Port-Mahon, Paris

 Established in 1902 and a sponsor of the French cycling team Alléluia. Then from 1920 to 1923, the Vélo Club of Levallois as well as the team of Paul Ruinart as he prepared for the 1920.

Antwerp Olympic Games in and again in 1924 Paris Olympic Games. Bankrupt in 1931 but back as a brand until the 1950s.


Updated 4.21.2017

Elegant 1950s lady's bike

The firm went bankrup in September 1931. This was announced just as Australian Opperman won the sprint in the Paris-Brest-Paris race! Upon his arrival, he learned that his bonus will not be paid.

Upon arrival, Sir Hubbert Opperman was greeted by his wife.

Despite the firm having been bankrupt, the brand was on display at the 1955 Salon du Cycle in Paris