From the London Fixed Gear and Single-Speed forum:

“Superia was founded by Remi Claeys. In 1926, Remi and his three brothers formed Claeys Brothers, which produced Flandria bicycles. Differences of opinion caused Remi to start his own company Remi Claeys NV/SA. The date of the split is unclear, with some sources stating that the new company was formed in 1949 and that Superia already existed, while others quote 1956 for the birth of Superia. Regardless, the company manufactured its own welded, steel tubing for the bicycles and eventually went on to produce steel and aluminum tubing for various industries.”

“Remi passed away in 1974, by which time the company’s two facilities were being managed by his three sons and son-in-law. In 1979, the company was taken over by the government and his since changed ownership at least a couple of times.”

“Superia and Flandria shared a building in Belgium – for years they were on opposite sides of a common wall. Superia supplied the bikes (or at least the sponsorship) for the Solo team, the mid-60’s version of Rik van Looy’s “Red Guard.” Solo was Eddy Merckx’s first pro team (1965?)…”

“Other notable Superia riders included Rik van Steenbergen, Rik van Looy and Patrick Sercu.”

“The Superia models from the 1970s had names like: Champion de Belgique, Tour des Flandres, Tour de Liege, Prix de Bruges.”

Updated 12.11.2015

Courtesy Jos van Veldhoven

Courtesy Jos van Veldhoven

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