Stump Art

Lived & worked in Santa Monica, California

“Art is 89 Years old (in 2003) and has quite an engineering history with a scope well beyond any of us. Among some of his history was the early Superchargers now know as “Paxton”. He was responsible for the internal drive that allowed the thing to work. He also built giant ship engines in his youth and was a steam engine master mechanic.”
“Shortly after I first met him, he showed up in front of my bike shop with a Stanley Steamer and took me riding in it all over Santa Monica and Venice. Man that thing was fast! Steam is all there all at once if you want it to go it will really go!! That was back over thirty + years ago.”
“I sold many sets of tubing and rare lugs to Art back in those days, I had gotten into the Irishman “Charlie Harding’s” stock and had 531 and old Brampton Lugs and some we had no names for… Art started carving and slowly building, over the next few years he became an incredible master… “

Freddy Parr 2003

Updated 10.21.2019

Overview of Art’s bikes HERE Updated 10.21.2019

Art Stump shows his personal bike

Special thanks to Brandon Ives & Freddy Parr

An unpainted frame on display at CyclArt

Custom AD Stump investment cast dropouts

Courtesy Bob Johnson and Cliff Shrubb

Stump aero shift lever mount braze-on

Courtesy Jim Holly

Fork crown

Courtesy Jim Holly

AD Stump bicycle #8

More to come!