Gordon Bruce

Bruce Gordon Cycles

613 Second Street, Petaluma, CA 94952

Updated 3.31.2014

Bruce wrote:
“The shop as of February 1, 2018 is Closed –
I have taken down my Sign (Shingle) and ceased production.”

The SECRET CODE for determining the build date for BG frames:

1.) Lugged frame serial # starts with G (some people mistake it for a 6.)
2.) The secret code is G xx (number of the frame made) xx Month it was made then xx (the last 2 digits of the year it was made).
3.) For instance ‘G02485’ was the second frame made in April 1985.

From BG himself 3.2014

Bruce Gordon's appearances at the NY Bike Show, circa late 1970s, early 1980s.

From BG himself 3.2014

Wyndham Pulman-Jones' bike

built in April 1979 , serial # G060479

Nor Meyers' elegant bike with Campagnolo 50th Anniv group

Nor Meyer's striking bicycle w/ Campagnolo 50th Anniversary group

This bike was hanging up above in the University Bike Shop, Boulder, CO.

Interbike 2003: That's Bruce behind the French style touring bike with oversize "Nervex" lugs!

Interbike 2004: Another artistic project bike. This time a super deluxe "City Bike."

Custom Randonneur

People Choice! Best USA! Award winner at 2005 Cirque du Cyclisme.

Interbike 2006

A semi gloss finish and a new titanium seat post

Interbike 2006: Touring bike with double plate crown and first showing of new Bruce Gordon cantilever brakes