Boston Bill

Originally building frames in Swedesboro, New Jersey.
Retired from bicycle building in mid 1980s.

11 Deer Run Drive, Wilmington, Delaware 302-633-6150 Email

Updated 5.5.2012

Bill Boston correctly receives credit for being one of the first frame builders to rely on science to design and build custom frames. Boston also the first to build small front wheel/short top tube frames for women (or men) who had need for that particular frame geometry. He continues as an expert in custom bicycle fit in theory and practice.

Web site featuring
Bill Boston’s Accufit Sizing System

Bill Boston frame serial number deciphering:

First 2 digits are the year, then a letter for the month, then the frame number for that month. From Bill Kloos

Jim Kerr 's Bill Boston bike on display at 2003 Cirque du Cyclisme

Photos from catalog. Note the calculator in the picture.

Morgan Grove's Bill Boston