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Updated 12.1.2022

Special thanks to Kevin Sayles and Bob Gordon

For nearly half a century, the Woodrup name has been synonymous with expertly fabricated bicycle framesets.
Initially founded by Stephen Maurice Woodrup and his wife, Jean, a 10-mile English national road champion, the company quickly gained a reputation for providing well-designed and meticulously appointed racing frames to the local cycling community. As the Woodrups often rode with the very people that used their cycles, they amassed years of invaluable feedback that allowed them to continuously modify and refine their construction techniques and designs.
Stephen Woodrup, the couple’s son, apprenticed with his father for many years before taking over the main frame building responsibilities in the mid 1970’s. Now, after more than 25 years experience and thousands of beautifully crafted frames, Stephen still retains his joy for building and continues as the head of Woodrup Cycles. He is joined today by his children, Anthony and Sarah, who will carry on the Woodrup tradition, including frame-building, repair, restoration, and re-spray.
Veteran craftsman Kevin Sayles, earlier with Woodrup, is now back heading up the Woodrup frame shop.

” Here are the names of our framebuilders over the years;
– Maurice Woodrup
– Ian McClean [the first proper framebuilder, and taught Steve]
– Steve Woodrup
– Paul Chapman [later of Bob Jackson]
– the Late Alan Sunley
– and myself (I’m the longest serving frame builder; January 1977 to the present, apart from the 10 years away in Somerset.)

Kevin Sayles, Leeds UK On the Classic Rendezvous Google group 10-23-2014