Thanet Cycles, Bristol, was a unique and innovative bicycle maker who produced bicycles from 1945 through 1958. It was the brainchild of Les Cassel, “the Guv’nor.”
Two predominant models were produced:
– The “Silverthan” a conventional design featuring Thanet’s groundbreaking silver brazing methods.
– The “Silverlight” an unorthodox design as illustrated below. The Silverlight featured smaller than normal tubes (1″ down & seat tube, 7/8″ top tubes.) Note the design that in which the seat and down tube travel below and cradle the bottom bracket shell. Also notice the extremely small diameter chain stays…

Updated 2.7.2021

Model "SilverLight"

A 1951 Silverlight up for sale in 2002

Beautifully restored Silverlight

"Ease with Elegance"

a booklet published by Mr. Hilary Stone, past editor of Cycling Plus magazine & vintage expert,
which charts the history of Thanet and offers illustrations and analysis of this unusual marque.

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