Stan Pike

Crewkerne in Somerset

Updated 2.24.2015

Stan Pike, noted for his care of assembly and accuracy, started building in the early 1970s and passed away in 1983. He had worked at Westland helicopter factory before he became a full time frame builder. He was responsible for teaching Arthur Needham at Argos how to build frames. He also preferred silver brazing (note the small decal on the seat tube proclaiming that on Wayne’s bike below.)

“I would rank him amongst the top ten builders in Britain in the last fifty years. The brazing and mitreing you can see inside the bottom bracket shell is as good as I have ever seen. The chain stays are exactly the right length with just the faintest hint of a ring of braze and likewise with the seat and down tubes with no protrusion into the shell and shaped perfectly around each other.”

Hilary Stone - 10.31.2000