Maurice Selbach


Updated 10.18.2009

“Maurice Selbach was a top long distance time trialist in the period just before and after WW1. He was allegedly of Polish/American extraction. However he was probably the first British rider to to enter and complete a major continental road race. He rode the Paris-Roubaix race under the auspices of the French Louvet team in either 1922 or 1923. Soon after he set up in business in South London at 337 Kennington Road. The first catalogue dates from the 1925 season.”

“His bikes were often extremely innovative ­ he was involved with the design and production of the first taper tubing, fitted Timken taper roller bearings in the bottom headset race and in the bottom bracket, designed the first curved seat tube tandem design… Selbach was definitely one of the top frames in the late 20s/early 30s in part due the racing successes earned on his frames which included the world paced one hour record of 56.5miles set in 1932 by Harry Grant. R O Harrison was one of Selbach¹s builders before he branched out on his own.

“Maurice Selbach was killed in 1935 when his wheel became caught in tramline. His second wife continued the business until 1939. The name was then auctioned amongst cycle dealers in London and was bought Carter. He produced some frames under the Selbach name for a few years.”

Hilary Stone, on the CR e-mail list 6.26.2000