Eddie Soens

110 Boaler Street, Liverpool
(Eddie and Jim were brothers)

Updated 10.16.2013

“…Eddie Soens is best remembered as one of the greatest British cycling coaches of all time. Due to his influential training methods he helped win more British, Worlds and Olympic titles than any other British coach.”
“During the early 1960s their frames were extremely popular especially the track models. The models produced at the time were the Campionissimo road frame, ‘55’ Time Trial Special, Vigorelli Sprinters Frame and the Roma Pursuit light track frame. Ron Spencer of the Warrington CC who was a very good time trialist in the 60’s rode an Eddie Soens bike. There is Eddie Soens memorable race run every year to honour his memory.”

Mick Butler

“My name is Bill Soens – 75 year old son of the late Eddie Soens – and I was the frame builder. I opened the tiny business Eddie Soens Cycles in late 1957, using my father’s name since he was particularly well known as the country’s leading coach. I also used the name “SoenSport”. I built about 800 frames for both domestic and export use.”


Nov. 28, 1962

Eddie Soens memorable race story from British Cycling on Vimeo.