Buckley Brothers

Forest Hill, London

Established in 1919


“Started building in 1919, they had two shops 19 Beresford Street, Camberwell Gate London S.E.5. and 72 Wells Road, Sydenham, London S.E.26. Their proud boast was the lightest cycle exhibited at the first lightweight show weighed 13 lbs. and was made by them. They were pioneers of all round Taper Stays on tandems and had a Registered design on a strut bridge No. 702689.Which was an exclusive feature on their tandems.”

Picture courtesy “iwantthatimp1”

“Some of their models:
1. Gents Special Club Model A.G.
2.Gents C.R. Model
3.Gents Model C this weighed 13lbs
(Evelyn Hamilton holds the mod C at right)
4. Lady’s Model A.L.
5. Lady’s Model B.L. Parallel Tube.
6. Mans Taper Tube Model and tandems and tricycles.”

“Their advertising slogan was “Ride a cycle – don’t push it – get a Buckley”. I own a 1928 Buckley racing tricycle with an Abingdon axle, Conloys, Chater Lea, etc.” Mick Butler.

Evelyn Hamilton

Champion woman cyclist with Buckley Brothers model C.
Evelyn featured in
– EvelynHamilton.org
– TotalWomensCycling.com

Buckley Bros bicycle on eBay

Note Williams cranks with Thetic Osymetric (Oval) chain ring.
Pictures courtesy ebay seller “psychling

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Peter Jordain’s collected
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