Including the famous “Flying Gate”

The unique, short wheelbase “Flying Gate” design was initiated by Baines in the 1930’s, as can be seen in these included catalog pages. The design has survived … currently the rights to the marque & its design are owned by the firm of Trevor Jarvis Cycles. (see below)

1938 Catalog cover

L to R: Page showing lugs & fork options, International TT model, " The Continental." & closer view of the Continental

Closer view of lugs & 1938 "Path"

Bob Johnson's 1949 BAINES 'INTERNATIONAL TT' 23" Frame

At auction on eBay in Jan 2014, pictures courtesy Bob Johnson

1947 Flying Gate at auction!

"Baines Whirlwind, 1947, 24 in: Huret Competition wire rear changer, Gnutti cranks, Magistroni ring, Brampton B8 pedals, GB bars, Reynolds curly ‘lug’ stem and GB Hiduminium brakes, B17 saddle. Harden LF hubs with Constrictor 27 in aluminium rims. Lug lined kingfisher blue paintwork. Baines ‘Gate’ frames were made in very small numbers by the three Baines brothers in Bradford (near Leeds) from 1935 to about 1952 and consequently are exceptionally rare now."
Hilary Stone 11/2001

Trevor Jarvis has continued this tradition and design in his TJ CYCLES