Zurich, Switzerland

Updated 2.26.2013

Jacob Caironi began his bicycle and components manufacturing in 1950.  Manufacturing was located in the Seebach Jungholzstrasse 43rd, and his retail outlet was one Örlikon Baumackerstrasse next to the police station. It appears they ceased production in 1971.
Caironi called his bikes ‘SKS Caironi Cycles’. He also produced wheels and brakes under the brand ‘Duralca’ which meant “products of hard aluminum.” 
      He was also a successful bicycle racer, being a contemporary of Paul Egli, Hans Martin and others of the amateur road world championships in Paris. Jacob participated in the 1928 Olympic Games in Amsterdam and was 9th in road race. In 193os he sponsored a professional team under the name ‘Caironi ‘ and under the ‘Duralca’ name in the late 1940s-mid ’50s. Hugo Koblet was on a Duralca team in 1948, and Reg Harris was on the Raleigh-Duralca team 1953-55
     The wide-profile Duralca rims were popular with 6-day riders. And Caironi’s company also manufactured brake calipers and brake pads.

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Brake calipers

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Brake pads with Dural molded in.

Pictures courtesy speedbicycles.ch


Pictures courtesy speedbicycles.ch