Nafarroa Kalea, 3, 31800 Altsasu, Navarra, Spain

tel +34 948 46 84 48

Updated 10.26.2015

“Razesa produced the high end framesets for Zeus toward the end of Zeus’s lifespan…..some of the high end frames in the late 70s to early 80s. As recently as the 1992 or 93 Tour Du Pont, the Spanish Amaya team rode white Razesa bicycles that were very lightweight and nice.”

Walt Skrzypek

“Razesa is a small company from the north of Spain, from Navarra. Navarra is near Pais Vasco, also in Spain, with a great tradition in cycling and steel making. From Pais Vasco are also the brands BH, Orbea y Zeus…”

1980s RAZESA frameset

Razesa road bike with a mixtures of components including Zeus