Ciclos OTERO
C / Segovia, 18-20 Madrid, tel. 915415714

Madrid’s oldest bike shop. Established 1927. Builder, Maestro Enrique Otero

Updated 1.15.2009

Special thanks to Dr. George Hollenberg

An older frame set, perhaps pre WW2?

Otero road bike #1417

This bike looks to be from the 1950s. Notice the unusual and possibly unique to Otero fork crown.

Special pista #1773

Reputed to have been ridden by Federico Bahamontes (El Aguila de Toledo) among other riders, in six day events.

This ultra light bike has some unusual and artistic aspects: it appears to filet brazed using
stainless steel, the head tube has been relieved revealing the fork steerer tube (painted red)

An unpainted but more recent frame (1970s?)