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Updated 12.5.2017

“Zeus was founded by Luis Arregui in Eibar, Spain in 1926. That makes the company about 10 years older than Campagnolo. Arregui held over 105 patents, and the great catalog was published in commemoration of him after his death…. Zeus was the only company in modern times to build a complete professional bicycle (frame and components).”

Richard Hallett

Zeus was a bonafide player in the world of fine cycling for many years. The company succumbed to market forces in the early 1980s, but produced, especially toward the end of their business life, some of the most exotic components of the era.

Zeus Bicycles

were traditional in their construction details and form, and most distinctive in their obvious use of Zeus components.

Updated 10.27.2015

Zeus Components

although criticized as copies of Campagnolo designs, had a flair and bravado that made them stand out. No other manufacturer joined the “drill out” era as energetically as Zeus- this most visible in the 2000 series.

Updated 12.5.2017