Shimano Dura Ace was the first to battle the Campagnolo dominance of high end racing componentry.

The "Crane" derailleur!

The first D.A. hubs!

A new pattern in the D.A. cranks...

The short-lived DA center pull brake

The side pull brake set!

Dura Ace derailleur set in original packaging.

Shimano AX

Introduced in 1981, AX parts were perhaps one of the most audacious efforts to redesign modern racing “gear.” The aerodynamic-to-the-max effort made the AX truly ahead of its time! Sadly (?) the world was not ready for this futuristic group and after two years of production, the plug was pulled!

David Ware and Wayne Stetina at speed on their AX equipped Tommasini bikes in 1982.

Dura Ace AX group

AX 600 stem

Onion River Sports 1983 Team bike with aero Shimano AX

AX components were unusual in many ways...

SANTE Components

Introduced in the late 1980s, Sante was positioned below Dura Ace and above Ultegra 600. This group was intended to be a stylish semi Pro level package.

DEORE Touring Components

(Before they used that name for Mountain Bike parts!) A unusual blend of new design and traditional French cues...