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The Tempesta brand began in 1930, with Vito Tempesta repairing bicycles in Terlizzi, Italy. In 1932 his son Michele was born. Michele, also called Lino, became a influential team mechanic for cycling pros an a successful custom frame maker. Finally, Lino’s son Silvio became a well known racer and then also a team mechanic to cycling stars. Silvio also was a consultant to Cinelli.

In the Custom Bicycle by Michael J. Kolin and Denise M. de la Rosa, Rodale Press, 1979. Lino Tempesta is recognized as the Uncle of Paolo and Italo Guerciotti.

“In 1965 the Guerciottis started building their frames as a full-time business. They hired their uncle Lino Tempesta, an experienced builder, to provide additional guidance. Lino had been building frames for Bianchi in Bergamo for 15 years. He knew how to “use a torch” and he was a superb artisan. … Paolo, Italo, and Uncle Lino did all the frame building …”

“By 1972 the demand for Guerciotti bicycles had grown … Paolo and Italo … were unable to build the frames themselves. However, Guerciotti frames are still being built by Uncle Lino. Lino supervises the three frame builders who are now working for the Guerciotti firm…”

Updated 1.1.2021

Carlo Caruga's 1977 Tempesta bicycle