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Updated 7.31.2011

“Originally est. in 1883 as Prinetti & Stucchi manufacturers of sewing machines, bicycles and motorized vehicles by Augusto Stucchi and Giulio Prinetti. As an employee, famous car maker Ettore Bugatti created the motorized tricycle Tipo 1. The company became Stucchi & Co. as Giulio Prinetti left to become Italian minister of foreign affairs in 1901.”
” Stucchi were best known for their high end town bikes and only made a small amount of racers. They fielded a team in the late 1940s for the Giro and the Tour. Yellow was the company color. Family descendants play a role in organising recent L’Eroica events in Gaole Tuscanny.”

Greg Softley

K. Anderson’s Stucchi bike head tube and an early poster.

Greg Softley's 1946 Stucchi Cambio Corsa

A complette Stucchi racing bike#83288

pictures courtesy Georg Michael